zaterdag 6 oktober 2007


I choose the girl with one dark eye and black hair to get started with. I named her Kiki. I imagined she is a little bit nuts, and completely focussed on digging.. and her shovel of course. Her shovel is like her 'teddybear'. She is very enthousiastic about everything... but mostly about digging. She is very happy and energetic, but when she finds nothing in the ground she is very dissapointed.

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BlueBadgerer zei

Hello laura,
Hope all is well.
Do you have an email address?
We need to start thinking about a scenario for our two characters.
I like the look of Kiki, she looks just the sort of fun character GrumyOldGal could do with to cheer her up!
I will post a little more about my work on my blog!
Well til next time bye for now.