maandag 15 oktober 2007

Getting started!

I've been teamed up with Rohan, his character is a grumpy old woman named Berel Maddi (see Rohan's Blog)

After a few mails back and forth, we decided to meet on msn today, so we could talk about our ideas. We already had some ideas in the mail where Miss Maddi is grumpy and walking down the street avoiding holes (which Kiki made) and getting annoyed. There would also be rain. Kiki would be digging and Miss Maddi would have special interest in Kiki's boots. The end would be that the will both be jumping in the puddles and be happy.

Short scenario,

Miss Maddi walks down the street with an umbrella, the rain stops and she puts away her umbrella. A car comes by and splashes her. She gets very annoyed and angry, her shoes are all wet and dirty. She walks on and meets Kiki, who is just digging like a maniac, never minding Miss Maddi. Miss Maddi is annoyed by Kiki, but then she sees Kikis boots. She looks at her own shoes being dirty an all.. She tries to steal Kiki's boots but Kiki doesnt like that and hits Miss Maddi on her head with her shovel. Miss maddi falls on her butt and Kiki runs away. It begins to rain again and we see Miss Maddi begin really angry and annoyed. Kiki comes back with other boots for Miss Maddi. Miss Maddi puts on the boots, and walks around carefully. Kiki watches her and tries to show her how to use the boots. She jumps in a puddle and laughes very loud. Miss Maddi steps into the puddle with one foot (really carefull) Kiki still jumps in the puddle really happy and dances around. Miss Maddi looks at Kiki and decides to join Kiki. Then they both are jumping in the puddle.

Im going to make a storyboard for this story. Rohan is doing the same, and then we will get the two storyboards together and decide what are the best shots and ideas.

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