donderdag 18 oktober 2007

Changes to the story

Today I had an msn meeting with Rohan, to talk about the storyboard. And we made some changes. The first part where Miss Maddi puts her umbrella away and gets splashed by a car is gonna be replaced by maddi entering the scene on the left, and then the umbrella is taken by the wind, that will already get Maddi angry, then mudd coms into the screen (from the right) and land on her shoes, that will get her even more angry, then she looks and sees Kiki digging, looks at her own shoes and then she runs towards Kikis to steal her boots. Kiki will smack her in the head with her spade and walk out of the screen and leaves maddi alone on the ground. Kiki comes back with boots for Maddi and they jump in the puddles together.

We're working on the storyboard.

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